Loampit Vale Leisure Centre, Lewisham – Case Study

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Loampit Vale Leisure Centre is situated on the lowest three floors of a 27 storey apartment building, it is one of the most ambitious regeneration projects in Lewisham.

The flagship leisure centre is being designed by one of the UK’s leading specialist architects, LA Architects, who were working with London-based artist Phil Coy to use the façade of the building as an art installation, resulting in a stunning glass-panel screen for the project’s centrepiece (a leisure centre), comprised of ten various shades that are illuminated from above with the lighting responding to the sounds inside the centre.

The water facilities will include:

• a competition pool – eight lanes (17 x 25 meters) with a moveable floor at the deep end
to allow additional water area for teaching
• a teaching pool – 20 x 8 meters with moveable floor
• a health spa

The project aims to develop the highest level of sustainability with 45% reduction in carbon emissions (compared to building regulation requirements) using some exciting green design features as energy efficient mechanical system, heat recovery equipment, lightning and water recycling.

EcoAir Box in Bromsgrove is proud to be chosen to manufacture CSR2 10000D & CSR2 4000D packaged composite construction heat recovery units to control the humidity and airflow to the main pool and teaching pool areas that provided an incredible 90% efficiency through a double composite plate heat exchanger that was the most energy efficient and cost effective with ensuring superior indoor climate management solution.

With the pool areas being the most costly part of the building in energy, we would not have been able to achieve the energy performance criteria without the aid of this form of heat recovery.

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