EcoAirBox enrols at a London College


The proposal of an alternate ventilation solution for the new St. John Bosco College – London has added energy efficient benefits and shows who is top in class.

EcoAir Box has supplied three groundbreaking packaged air handling units, incorporating a built-in reverse cycle heat pump combined with a side by side double wheel solution offering very low fan pressure drop, small footprint and reduced power input, which in turn reduces noise levels.

The packaged solution didn’t just offer better performance and better payback, it omitted the LPHW and chilled water requirement altogether.

The innovative Hygroscopic Thermal Wheels are able to provide increased efficiency of heat / cool recovery from a previous 60% to 78%. The hygroscopic wheel enables moisture recovery, which enables cooling in the summer and heating in the winter, taking the load off the compressors in the air handling unit and reducing the need for humidifiers.

The thermal wheel provides increased efficiency compared to the original proposal of a plate heat exchanger and when combined with a built in reverse cycle heat pump, the EcoAir Box unit boasts as EER of 6 in cooling mode and 12 in heating. The side by side orientation enabled the whole unit to keep a low profile and deliver full performance whilst keeping under height limitations.

A fully packaged intelligent control system is supplied with the EcoAir Box unit, so the wheel inverter control that varies the speed of the wheel to optimum efficiency transfers information seamlessly; so correct humidity and temperature levels can be maintained.

The whole solution will enable the college to benefit from an increased energy efficient heating and cooling unit, which provides fresh air and a comfortable working environment for staff and pupils.




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