Hoxton Square uses EcoAir Box heat pump technology

EcoAir Box has supplied three ground breaking packaged air handling units, incorporating a built-in reverse cycle heat pump combined with a sorption recovery wheel and offering very low SFP’s, small footprint and high EER/SEER figures.

The packaged solution meant that there was no requirement for any external condensing unit or any need for boiler power to provide conditioned fresh air reducing the overall cost of the system installation.

A fully packaged intelligent control system is supplied with the EcoAir Box unit, so optimum efficiency can be achieved by the recovery wheel along with speed controllable EC motors on the supply / extract fans to supply the exact quantity of conditioned fresh air to the system.

The whole solution will enable the building to benefit from an increased energy efficient heating and cooling unit that is designed for full flexibility and control, whether it be fan coils, chilled beams, VRF or VAV.

The unit consists of high spec components offering the very best in energy efficiency, just add power and we will do the rest …..

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