EcoAir Box’s supply chain remained largely unaffected

With the global shortage of material affecting many industries is struggling to deliver orders for clients – one hopes this perfect storm will soon be over.

The HVAC industry has been affected and right now the there is a grapple for parts and equipment. 

The industry is also seeing a supply chain issue with workers.  Everyone knows the supply chain will catch up but at the present moment it’s a challenge for all to keep up with the demand.  Storages have led to manufacturing being halted – some companies have begun to redesign and rethink their products without particular components.

If you have a project requiring an HVAC system, start the process now then suppliers can start to look at the supply chain as some parts could be delayed by several weeks.

Our team at EcoAir Box have been fortunate enough to maintain an excellent supply chain and as a result, our lead times have remained largely unaffected. Our current lead time is 10-12 weeks from the acceptance of drawings.

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