EcoAir Box is part of the wider group, The Excool Group of Companies.

The group is comprised of Excool, Eco Air Box and Zeo. The group has over 30 years of heritage and expertise specialising in environmental engineering.

The group’s Headquarters are based in Worcestershire, UK with over 110,000 sqm of production space to manufacture Excool Data Centre Cooling Units and Eco Air Box’s specialist air handling units (AHU) including the recently developed R290 reversable heat pumps. Zeo’s Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) and Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) are manufactured at this facility where all clients are welcome to factory tours.

Excool exports advanced data centre cooling units on a global basis. The Excool Zero unit is the most advanced indirect adiabatic cooling system of its kind and offers the most cost-effective solution on the market. The upward trend in demand for the product has been driven by a new operating strategy that has resulted in a seismic water usage reduction and an independently assessed overall cost saving of £1million per MW vs traditional systems

In March 2021, Excool opened an office and training space in Greer, South Carolina, US which is now holding over $4m of UL- certified stock. In August 2021 the first US shipment left the UK for Phoenix, Arizona.

Eco Air Box produces bespoke HVAC equipment to meet specific requirements of building services. Specialising in packaged units incorporating factory fitted Carell controls controls providing the complete pre-commissioned system. Eco Air Box’s rooftop packaged unit, to the heat recovery units for swimming pools can then all be connected to GSHP/ASHP to ensure no energy is lost within the building to ensure the continued steps towards net zero are meet.

The Excool Group of Companies can manufacture bespoke technology to suit you and your client’s needs.

Our technical teams will interpret your requirements to ensure your projects are as green as possible and, be on the journey to Net Zero with you.

For more information, please email and Sean will be in touch to discuss your projects.