CSR2 Swimming Pool De-humidification Unit


The CSR2 low carbon solution heat recovery unit is specifically designed for swimming pools and leisure centres. It provides high levels of internal air temperature and humidity control to establish a healthy environment for the bathers and to ensure interstitial condensation does not form within the structural envelope, at the same time as providing the highest level of internal environmental control.

Packaged Reverse Cycle Heat Pump R410a


This is a packaged unit that does not require any services apart from mains power. It incorporates a heat/cool recovery with a reverse cycle heat pump that will fulfil all heating and cooling requirements enabling better performance.

Rooftop Packaged Units


Eco Air Box has developed a range of replacement 50DF rooftop packages. We have identified that the old rooftop model does not have an identical footprint/services replacement and all existing models can incorporate most refrigerants options eg R410A, R32, R454B.