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A packaged solution developed with simplicity and energy efficiency in mind

We have the capabilities of surveying old equipment and offering a re-designed machine that matches existing footprints but incorporating the best in technology and energy efficiency whilst picking up on existing services and duct connections to minimalise cost of replacement.

  • CAREL control system including software
  • Staged compressor control or digital
  • EC integrated motor technology
  • Powered hoods to offer free cooling
  • High efficient Low Nox condensing burners
  • Integrated LPHW valve assemblies on coils
  • Factory tested and pre-commissioned

Direct Driven Fans with EC Motors


  • Single-sided intake, rear-curved motor impeller, energy-optimised for operation without spiral housing through special blade design with rotating, vaneless diffuser for high efficiency and with favourable acoustic behaviour
  • Impeller: ø 250-630mm in 9 frame sizes
  • Centrifugal impeller made of high-strength composite material, with external rotor motor statically and dynamically balanced acc ISO 1940 Part 1
  • Fitting position: horizontal and vertical
  • Impeller with rotating diffuser
  • 7 rear-curved, profiled blades
  • Galvanised inlet nozzle with volume flow rate measuring equipment
  • Design with integrated electronics
  • Over-temperature protection of the device electronics through active temperature management
  • Motor painted RAL 5002 (ultramarine blue); impeller colour; RAL 5002 (ultramarine blue)
  • Protection class IP54
  • Thermal class 155
  • The permissible ambient temperature is -20⁰C to +60⁰C
  • Fan characteristic curve refer to measurements made on an inlet-side chamber test rig acc DIN 241623 Part 2 or ISO 5801
  • Performance specifications comply with Precision Class 2 acc DIN 24166
  • The motor efficiency class complies with IE4

The fan impeller is made using specially developed high-performance composite material and combines unique material properties with bionic insights.

The high-performance composite material makes it possible to create the innovative shape of the new centrifugal fan. The exceptional quality achieved is the result of a one-shot injection moulding process, so it does not have any welded seams or critical connections. The new shape produces higher efficiency, enabling performance which saves up to 15% energy during operation.

With its specifically profiled three-dimensional blade geometry, the impeller produces up to 5dB less tonal noise in use (3dB = physical halving). This reduction in noise makes living and working in the

surrounding more pleasant. Furthermore, less acoustic insulating material is needed – this protects the environment and saves money at the same time.

The composite material combines the positive properties of both steel and composite material:

  • Weight reduction of more than 50% as compared with a steel impeller – this reduces motor bearing loads, guaranteeing longer system lifetimes.
  • The impeller geometry allows tip speeds of up to 70 m/s (60 m/s are customary in the market) – which is only otherwise possible with a steel impeller.
  • No weld seams
  • Can be combined with various types of motors
  • Tonal noise reduction of up to 5dB
  • Suitable for operational temperatures from -20⁰C to +80⁰C comparable with steel impellers
  • Corrosion free
  • No toxic gas emissions
  • Colour stable

The reduced energy usage during manufacture is followed by up to 15% energy which is saved during use. Moreover, the material can be crushed after the end of the life of the impeller and is 100% recyclable, so there is no waste whatsoever.

The innovative technologies even now exceed the EU minimum efficiency threshold regulations which will come into effect in 2015.

Extremely light, stable, durable, quiet and efficient


The standard ZPD Digital Scroll Compressor is the simplest modulation solution that can be dropped into any existing system. Quick and easy to implement, it does not require any additional components.

Main features:

  • Wide modulation range (10 to 100%)
  • High EER at full load
  • Single and tandem configurations
  • Complete range in R410A from 3 to 15hp

Typical Applications:

  • Multi evaporators systems
  • Rooftop / AHU

Full modulation capabilities (10 to 100%)

  • Immediate load adjustment
  • Step less modulation / close temperature control (+/- 1k)
  • Optimal comfort
  • Low condensing capabilities
  • Possibility to fully modulate the supply air fan – large savings on fan aborbed power -> high season efficiencies
  • No complicated electronics and no additional components, simple system architecture
  • Easy to install, commission and maintain

Constant speed operation = easy oil return management

No impact on the system mechanical balance found with inverter

  • No vibration and resonance phenomenon
  • No frame / piping redesign work necessary

No EMC noise issues

High reliability due to less starts and stops

Reduce number of units for multiple evaporator system

  • Minimum floor space requirements with maximum cooling capacity

Washable Panel Filter

Panel_FilterFilters and filter housings to EN779 and EN1886. Aluminium washable filters class G4 shall be installed in the return air.

Each filter shall have a filter pressure drop monitoring with the actual pressure drop displayed on the control panel and low level alarm when filter dirty as a clear text message on the controller.


  • low pressure drop
  • washable
  • filter dirty alarm and text message
  • takes out the larger particles which would usually clog finer filters

Bag Filters

FFT_Kassettenfilter_MVP75-98_PIMSFilters and filter housings to EN779 and EN1886.

Bag filters class F7 shall be installed in the supply air.

Filters shall not be installed in any mixed air stream.

Fully incinerable filters with plastic frames.

Filter housing to EN1886 with filter bypass leakage to class F8.

Each filter shall have a filter pressure drop monitoring with the actual pressure drop displayed on the control panel and low level alarm when filter dirty as a clear text message on the controller.

The entire filter element is non-corroding and fully incinerable, since it contains no metal parts. The frame consists of halogen free plastic.

Viledon MVP filters are microbiologically inactive and meet all the criteria of VDI guideline 6022 “Hygiene requirements for HVAC systems”.

MVP cassette filters excel in terms of high dust holding capacity and low pressure drop and offer an optimum price performance ratio.

The leak proof casting of the dimensionally stable media pleat pack provides high burst strength, as well as excellent security against dust penetration during operation.


  • Suitable for 100% RH
  • Do not require frost protection
  • Low pressure drop
  • Plastic frame
  • Corrosion free
  • Can be incinerated
  • Filter dirty alarm and text message

Remote Monitoring & Interface

The control system shall have the facility for remote monitoring and adjustment by the supplier over an analogue or ISDN modem.

The unit shall include an interface or gateway approved for use with the following BMS systems:

  • Bacnet over IP

The interface shall provide access to data points giving information on all temperature and humidity values, actuator positions, status of all motors, hours run, actual supply and return air flow in m3/h, filter pressure drop displayed in Pa.

Direct Digital Control

The function control software and all aspects of control and regulation devices shall be tested and documented under a certified EN ISO 9001 : 2000 quality system.

Control functions shall include:

  • Sensor monitoring – short circuits, cable breakdowns etc. shall activate general fault indication with a clear text. Fault indication – scheduled as high and low level alarms and shown on LED’s and in clear text on the display.   For remote indication of fault signals, potential free signals shall also be available on the terminal strip.
  • Operating mode simulations shall be provided for testing, commissioning, maintenance or in the event of an emergency.

Rooftop Construction Specifications


Packaged heating and cooling units will be utilised to replace existing units. The replacement units are to match existing base steels and to pick up on existing services/power requirements.


The unit would comprise a packaged assembly, supplied in one section. Where supplied in separate sections, the manufacturer shall attend site to re-connect the sections, together with the connection of wiring / piping services.


Unit framework would be constructed from 50mm x 50mm heavy gauge painted aluminium box section pentapost extrusion, each joint being secured using a propriety die cast aluminium corner to form a robust and rigid structure, the framework paint finish would be Goosewing grey BS 10 A 05.

Plastisol double skin coated panels

Infill panel would be of double skin construction, with the inner skin utilising 20 gauge galvanised sheet steel and the outer skin being 20 gauge galvanised with a plastisol coating. The outer skin would be finished in Goosewing Grey 10 A 05. The two skins would enclose a CFC free polystyrene insulation creating a 25mm deep panel. Non access panels would be internally fixed to the framework using self-tapping screws, thus ensuring a smooth flush fitting outer panel. Non access panel’s seams would also be sealed using a clear non-hardening silicon compound.

Access panels

Each access panel would be fitted with black Screw-on hinges, EMKA model reference 1056-U14 together with heavy-duty plastic handles. Each access panels would be fitted with a number of „Quick release‟ CAM locks, which would be operated by the means of a security key.

The resultant panels will have excellent thermal and acoustic properties.

The double skin panel will have a Thermal Transmittance (U value) less than 1.0 W/m²K to BS 1886.1998 class T2.


The complete framework would be mounted on and fixed to a suitable baseframe to provide adequate support for the complete casework and all the internal components as well as providing rigidity during lifting. The baseframe would be supplied in a painted finish and suitable for floor, steel or curb mounting.


The unit offered would be complete with a weather-roof, which ensures the unit is fully weathered and suitable for an external location.